Below are some of the measures we have taken to ensure accessibility throughout this website.

Access Keys

Most browsers support the use of access keys. This allows you to jump to specific links on a page using a combination of key presses. In Windows, this you can use access keys by pressing ALT + an access key. On a Macintosh, you can use Control + an access key.

You can use any of the access keys below on all of the pages in this website:

Standards Compliance

Visual Design

  • All pages on this website uses CSS for layout.
  • Only relative font sizes are used in this website. This means that you can resize the text is visual browsers to suite your personal preference.
  • If CSS is not supported by your browser, the content of this site is still readable.


  • All links on this website use the "title" attribute, offering more detail about the function or destination of each link.


  • Where images are used to display information on this website, a text alternative is supplied using the "alt" or "longdesc" attributes. This provides users of non-visual browsers with an explanation of the significance of each image.

Validation Services

For more information about accessibility, visit the W3C.

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