Various - Charlie Ventura

Various - BeBop Spoken Here 4CD Artist Various
Title BeBop Spoken Here 4CD
Label Proper
The language of BeBop is one of the most enduring & eloquent in the history of jazz music. The 97 BeBop statements included in this box set sound as fresh & invigorating now as when they were recorded some 60 years ago.
+ Format: Proper 4CD
Price: £12.99

Various - Big Horn - The History Of The Honkin & Screamin Saxophone 4CD Artist Various
Title Big Horn - The History Of The Honkin & Screamin Saxophone 4CD
Label Proper
Properbox 4CD. This is the turbulent story of 50 hard-blowing Honkers and Screamers, those R&B and RnR pioneers who jumped off stages, walked bars and aisles, played their horns on their backs, shattered microphones and drove their audiences to delerium. Ft. Illinois Jacquet, Buddy Tate, Earl Bostic, Willis Jackson and more.
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Various - The Arrangers Touch 4CD Artist Various
Title The Arrangers Touch 4CD
Label Proper
The arrangement in jazz has provided a framework for improvisation since the earliest days of the music. This 4CD Properbox tracks its development from Jelly Roll Morton to Quincy Jones and highlights 87 practitioners of arranging.
+ Format: CD
Price: £12.99

Various Artists - Freedom Rhythm & Sound Artist Various Artists
Title Freedom Rhythm & Sound
Label Soul Jazz
This album features revolutionay jazz music created by artists inspired by the ideals of Martin Luther King, Malcolm X and the Civil Rights movement. Starting in the mid-1960s the avant-garde of jazz fused with black power, Afro-centricity and spirituality as notions of self-determination, economic empowerment and musical freedoms intertwined to create a new independent musical revolution.
+ Format: 2CD
Price: £11.99

Various Artists - Hittin on all Six Artist Various
Title Hittin on all Six
Label Proper
From Lonnie Johnson to Jimmy Raney, this 94 track set tells the story of jazz guitar from New Orleans to the Bebop era featuring 48 of the greatest guitarists in the history of jazz. They were hittin’ on all six.

See additional description for track listing
+ Format: Proper 4CD
Price: £12.99

Various Artists - Liberation Music: Spiritual Jazz And The Art Of Protest on Flying Dutchman Records 1969-1974 Artist Various Artists
Title Liberation Music: Spiritual Jazz And The Art Of Protest on Flying Dutchman Records 1969-1974
Label BGP

Liberation Music looks at the Flying Dutchman label s first five years, through its jazz and spoken word releases. This exciting and revolutionary label was launched in 1969 by producer Bob Thiele, after he left the Impulse label where he produced John Coltrane. BGP feature tracks by Gil Scott-Heron, Lonnie Liston Smith, Leon Thomas and Gato Barbieri. In addition to The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Scott-Heron is on backing vocals with Black and Blues, the group he formed in college with Brian Jackson and Victor Brown. A Toast To The People later recorded by Gil & Brian on their South Africa To South Carolina album is previously unreleased from their only ever recording session as a group. There are many tracks that have never before been reissued including those by Chico Hamilton, Oliver Nelson and Horace Tapscott whose The Giant Is Awakened comes from his highly sought after Flying Dutchman album. Bob Thiele is featured as an artist (named Bob Thiele Emergency), with a tribute to his friend John Coltrane; Ornette Coleman appears with a warped take on funk, Friends and Neighbors . BGP also look at the label s championing of political causes with excerpts from spoken word releases by Angela Davis; leader of the Student Nonviolent Co-ordinating Committee (SNCC) H Rap Brown, and two tracks created by a collabor-ation between jazz arranger Oliver Nelson and Carl B Stokes. Stokes, the first black Mayor of a major American city, was also the first person to perform a Gil Scott-Heron lyric on record with his version of Paint It Black , reissued here for the first time.

+ Format: CD
Price: £12.99

Various Artists - The Ultimate 30s and 40s Reefer Songs Artist Various Artists
Title The Ultimate 30s and 40s Reefer Songs
Label Viper
A bumper crop of Original, Reefer influenced Jazz, Blues & Swing from 1930’s & 1940’s America.
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.99

Artist Various Artists
Title Psychedelic Jazz and Funky Grooves
+ Format: CD
Price: £6.99

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