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Sublime Frequencies - Make Do and Mend 07 [Finders Keepers] Artist Various Artists / Sublime Frequencies
Title Make Do and Mend 07 [Finders Keepers]
Label Finders Keepers
Featuring tracks from Googoosh, Sarolta Zalatnay and a track from a forthcoming Lollywood Comp’ (Disco Dildar), the sound on this selction of 13 Finders Keepers tunes fall in to two catagories; ’far out’ and ’further far out’. 
+ Format: CD
Price: £4.99

Sucioperro - The Heart String & How To Pull It Artist Sucioperro
Title The Heart String & How To Pull It
Label Xtra Mile
New album from the Scottish rockers who share
frontman JP Reid with Simon Neil’s (Biffy Clyro)
Marmaduke Duke.
· Following the release of their new EP ‘Reflexes Of
The Dead’, Sucioperro’s third album ‘The Heart
String & How To Pull It’ was produced by Chris
Sheldon (Reuben, Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro).
+ Format: CD
Price: £8.99

Suede - Bloodsports Artist Suede
Title Bloodsports
Label Fontana

In 2012, the reunited band -- led by Brett Anderson and featuring guitarist Richard Oakes, not founding member Bernard Butler -- headed into the studio with their original producer Ed Buller, and wound up with 2013’s Bloodsports, a canny blend of the romanticism of early Suede and the assured glam of Coming Up, if the single "Barriers" is any indication.

+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Suede - Night Thoughts Artist Suede
Title Night Thoughts
Label Rhino
Night Thoughts, is Suede’s second album since their comeback in 2010 and it’s a proper, adult -themed almost-concept album where tracks drift into one another, delicate minimalism holds sway and Brett Anderson sings pretty gloomy songs of regret, decay and longing. It is produced by long-time collaborator Ed Buller and whilst for the most part the sound is neat and considered the record also features a full string section which adds a tasteful grandiosity to  a record that feels like the endgame or at least answer to those early glammy dramas  which typified the band’s explosion onto the UK music scene all those years ago. As such, it is a triumph.

LTD CD = CD + DVD of the film which accompanies the entire album.

+ Format: CD
Price: £10.99

+ Format: LTD CD
Price: £15.99

+ Format: 2LP
Price: £21.99

Suede - The Best Of (2cd) Artist Suede
Title The Best Of
Yep - they’re all there! All 35 of their best BEST tunes all in one handy 2cd set. Great!
+ Format: 2CD
Price: £11.99

Suffocation - Pinnacle Of Bedlam Artist Suffocation
Title Pinnacle Of Bedlam
Label Nuclear Blast
CD/DVD : due 18th February 2013
+ Format: CD
Price: £10.99

Sugar - Beaster (CD/DVD) Artist Sugar
Title Beaster (CD/DVD)
Label Edsel
Remastered album
Rare Live footage
20 page booklet
+ Format: LTD CD
Price: £13.99

Sugar - Copper Blue (2CD+DVD) Artist Sugar
Title Copper Blue (2CD/DVD)
Label Edsel
Bonus tracks
Live concert / BBC sessions
+ Format: 2CD/1DVD
Price: £15.99

Sugar - File Under Easy Listening (2CD/DVD) Artist Sugar
Title File Under Easy Listening (2CD/DVD)
Label Edsel
Original Remastered album
Bonus Tracks
Live concert
32 page booklet
+ Format: 2CD/1DVD
Price: £15.99

Suicidal Tendancies FNG Artist Suicidal Tendancies
Title FNG
Label Virgin
  1. Suicide’s An Alternative / You’ll Be Sorry
  2. Join The Army
  3. Trip At The Brain
  4. Suicidal Failure
  5. I Shot The Devil
  6. Suicidal Maniac
  7. Institutionalised
  8. I Feel Your Pain & I Survive
  9. How Will I Laugh Tomorrow
10. Possessed
11. If I Don’t Wake Up
12. Two Wrongs Don’t Make A Right (But They Make Me Feel A Whole Lot
13. I Saw Your Mommy
14. Human Guinea Pig
15. Subliminal
16. Surf & Slam
17. Possessed To Skate
18. I Wany More
19. The Feeling’s Back
20. A Little Each Day
21. Suicyco Mania
22. Pledge Your Allegiance
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer that item on our site at the moment. Please contact us to enquire about purchasing it offline.

Suicide - The Second Album and The First Rehearsal Tapes 2CD Artist Suicide
Title The Second Album and The First Rehearsal Tapes 2CD
Label Mute
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Summer Camp - Bad Love Artist Summer Camp
Title Bad Love
Label Moshi Moshi
Multi-instrumentalist Jeremy Warmsley and vocalist Elizabeth Sankey.

‘Bad Love’, Summer Camp’s third album, is set in the same spooked domestic terrain in which they made their name back in 2009.

With this album, they set about refining what they do best: those heart-racing heavily distorted guitars, battered synths that sparkle like dirty tinsel, the nostalgia triggered by a pastel sky.

+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

+ Format: LTD LP
Price: £19.99

SUMMER CAMP Welcome To Condale Artist SUMMER CAMP
Title Welcome To Condale
Label Apricot
Working with Pulp’s Steve Mackey, Summer Camp have gone from dabbling in nostalgic golden tones to painting with a whole vibrant palette of colour.  Taking its cues from teen films from the 80’s, “Welcome To Condale” unfolds, appropriately, in cinematic fashion, bringing to vivid life a cast of misfits and prom queens, loners and lovers all going through crises of the heart, evoking a whole universe of heartbreak and longing in miniature.
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

+ Format: LP
Price: £15.99

Sums - Sums [12] Artist Sums (Kanding Ray / Barry Burns, Mogwai)
Title Sums [Ltd. 12"]
Label Berlin Atonal
Barry Burns of Mogwai teams up with French producer and Raster-Noton regular Kangding Ray and hybrid drum maniac Merlin Ettore for SUMS’ debut full length on Berlin Atonal. Post Rock with a much stronger focus on its electronic edge, thick techno soundscapes and pounding mix of live and machine drums.
+ Format: 12
Price: £8.99

Sun Kil Moon - Among The Leaves Artist Sun Kill Moon
Title Among The Leaves
Label Caldo Verde Records
First 10,000 Limited Run double CD Digipak with lyric book, then standard single CD digipak.

Among THe Leaves is the 5th full length album by Mark Kozelek under the Sun Kil Moon moniker. Played almost entirely on nylon string guitar, this 17-song all original album was recorded between October 2011 and January 2012 in San Francisco. Among The Leaves - words which caught Mark’s attention from a John Connolly novel - finds Mark relaxed, singing playfully about his life as a musician while retaining the melancholic spirit of his 20 year catalog.
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer that item on our site at the moment. Please contact us to enquire about purchasing it offline.

Sun Kil Moon - Benji Artist Sun Kil Moon
Title Benji
Label Caldo Verde Records
Mark Kozelek is joined by guest musicians Steve Shelley, Jen Wood, Will Oldham and Owen Ashworth on Benji, Sun Kil Moon’s latest release.
+ Format: CD
Price: £11.99

Sun Kil Moon - Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood Artist Sun Kil Moon
Title Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood
Label Rough Trade
“‘Common As Light And Love Are Red Valleys Of Blood’, for the most part, captures events from January to August of this year and how I processed it all while traveling.
“[…] I’m blessed to have met the very talented Justin Broadrick and to have made these beautiful albums with him. 

“These two new albums capture more than my reactions to mass murders or the passing of beloved heroes like David Bowie or Muhammad Ali. The Sun Kil Moon and Jesu/Sun Kil Moon albums are also full of love, humor, and my gratitude
+ Format: 2CD
Price: £11.99

Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts of the Great Highway Artist Sun Kil Moon
Title Ghosts of the Great Highway
Label Caldo Verde
Deluxe reissue featuring bonus disc of previously unreleased material.
+ Format: 2CD
Price: £12.99

Sun Kil Moon - Universal Themes Artist Sun Kil Moon
Title Universal Themes
Label Rough Trade
“Different things are happening in my life now, so there is no doubt that it will be a very different album.” - Mark Kozelek
‘Universal Themes’ includes ‘The Possum’, a nine minute track featuring Sonic Youth drummer Steve Shelley about dead possums and hanging out with Godflesh.
Guitars and vocals by Mark Kozelek. Percussion by Steve Shelley.
Recorded in San Francisco, 2014 / 2015. Additional recording in Hoboken, 2015.
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Sun Kill Moon - April Artist Sun Kil Moon
Title April
Label Calda Verde
New album from Mark Kozelek’s Sun Kil Moon.. includes bonus CD.
See ’more info’ for track list.
+ Format: CD
Price: £10.99

Sun Ra - The Antique Blacks Artist Sun Ra
Title The Antique Blacks
Label Artyard
Another much sought after and long unavailable title recorded in 1974. Theatrical and political; a fascinating release.
+ Format: CD
Price: £11.99

Sundara Karma - Explore [7] Artist Sundara Karma
Title Explore EP [7"]
Label Chess Club / RCA
Sundara Karma release this x3 trk E.P. of brand new songs not featured on the current album "Youth Is Only Ever Fun In Retrospect". 
An Indie exclusive release, limited to x700 individually numbered copies!
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Sundfor, Susanne - Music For People In Trouble Artist Susanne Sundfor
Title Music For People In Trouble
Label Bella Union
Acclaimed Norwegian singer songwriter and producer Susanne Sundfør releases her highly anticipated new album ‘Music For People In Trouble’ through Bella Union. 
Sundfør’s most poignant and personal album to date, ‘Music For People In Trouble’ marks her out as one of the most compelling artists in the world. 
The album was inspired by a journey Susanne made in a bid to re-connect, travelling across continents to contrary environments and politically contrasting worlds from North Korea to the Amazon jungle. 
“We are living in a time of great changes. Everything is moving so rapidly, sometimes violently, sometimes dauntingly. I think a lot of people experience anxiety these days. I wanted to address these emotions on the album.” - Susanne Sundfør

+ Format: LP
Price: £19.99

+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Sundgarden - Telephantasm (deluxe) Artist Soundgarden
Title Telephantasm (deluxe)
’Recently reunited Soundgarden will release their first collection of music since 1996 in the form of Telephantasm. This career-spanning retrospective album includes beloved band hits, deep back catalogue cuts and a never-before-heard unreleased track entitled “Black Rain,” taken from the Badmotorfinger recording sessions. The Deluxe edition contain the first ever DVD release from the band featuring 13 previously unreleased videos.
+ Format: 2CD/1DVD
Price: £12.99

Sunn O))) - Monoliths and Dimensions Artist Sunn O)))
Title Monoliths and Dimensions
Label Southern Lord
+ Format: CD
Price: £12.99

Super Furry Animals - Bing Bong Artist Super Furry Animals
Title Bing Bong
Label Strangetown animals-bing- bong-video-premiere

Limited to just 1000 copies. One sided 12” with etched flip side and artwork by Pete Fowler
The rapturous response of fans attending shows by Super Furry Animals since their first tour in six years began in 2015, and the inspirational rise of the Welsh football team, has blown a fresh breeze into the sails of the band as they announce their first new music since 2009’s Dark Days/Light Years album.

Recorded in Cardiff late last year, Super Furry Animals will release BING BONG on Friday 13 May 2016; (NB this isn’t actually due in store til 17th June!) just a month before Wales is represented by eleven, fearless footballers aiming to unite the continent during Euro 2016. A band that always sought out moulds to shatter, the wait for new material will end with the Furries emerging from the studio to spread hope and harmony in a reinvention of the totemic, communal anthem.
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer that item on our site at the moment. Please contact us to enquire about purchasing it offline.

Super Furry Animals - Dark Days / Light Years Artist Super Furry Animals
Title Dark Days / Light Years
Label Rough Trade
9th, count it 9th studio album from SFA. As is their way, nothing is predictable, nothing is repeated and everything is spot on.
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Super Furry Animals - Fuzzy Logic (20th Anniversary) Artist Super Furry Animals
Title Fuzzy Logic (20th Anniversary Deluxe)
Label BMG Rights Management
Totally remastered from the original tapes.

2CD contains contemporary B-Sides and non-album tracks, previously unreleased demos and a live set from Phoenix Festival 1996.
LP is 180g vinyl.

(See "More Info" for full tracklisting.)
+ Format: 2CD
Price: £9.99

+ Format: LP
Price: £19.99

Super Furry Animals - Guerilla cd Artist Super Furry Animals
Title Guerilla
Label Creation
1  Check It Out
2  Do Or Die
3  Turning Tide, The
4  Northern Lites
5  Night Vision
6  Wherever I Lay My Phone (That’s My Home)
7  Specific Ocean, A
8  Some Things Come From Nothing
9  Door To This House Remains Open, The
10  Teacher, The
11  Fire In My Heart
12  Sound Of Life Today, The
13  Chewing Chewing Gum
14  Keep The Cosmic Trigger Happy
+ Format: CD
Price: £6.99

Super Furry Animals - Hey Venus Artist Super Furry Animals
Title Hey Venus
Label Rough Trade
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.49

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