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Xcerts - The XX

Xcerts - In The Cold Wind We Smile Artist Xcerts
Title In The Cold Wind We Smile
Label Xtra Mile
+ Format: CD
Price: £8.99

Xcerts, The - Scatterbrain Artist The Xcerts
Title Scatterbrain
Label Xtra Mile
+ Format: CD
Price: £8.99

Xiu Xiu - Forget Artist Xiu Xiu
Title Forget
Label Upset The Rhythm
The album was produced by John Congleton (Blondie, Sigur Ros), Greg Saunier of Deerhoof and Xiu Xiu’s own Angela Seo. 

It features guest appearances by fabled minimalist composer Charlemagne Palestine, L.A. Banjee Ball superstar commentator Enyce Smith, Swans guitar virtuoso Kristof Hahn and legendary drag artist and personal hero of Xiu Xiu, Vaginal Davis. 

FORGET was recorded during a period of epic productivity for Xiu Xiu. While writing FORGET, they released the lauded Plays the Music of Twin Peaks, collaborated with Mitski on a song for an upcoming John Cameron Mitchell film, composed music for art installations by Danh Vo, recorded an album with Merzbow and scored an experimental reworking of the Mozart opera, The Magic Flute. All of this frantic, external activity lead to a softly damaged dreaminess and broadened intent that has not been heard before in other Xiu Xiu works. 
+ Format: LP
Price: £15.99

+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Xiu Xiu - Plays The Music Of Twin Peaks Artist Xiu Xiu
Title Plays The Music Of Twin Peaks [STAFF TOP 10s 2016 - Andrew]
Label Bella Union
Xiu Xiu present ‘Plays The Music Of Twin Peaks’, their album of reinterpretations of the original music from the classic David Lynch / Mark Frost TV show. 

Last year Australia’s Gallery Of Modern Art commissioned a special presentation of the music from Twin Peaks from Xiu Xiu for their David Lynch: Between Two Worlds exhibition. Following that debut the band have performed the material during select concerts all over the globe, including the Hollywood Forever Cemetery in LA and London’s Saint John-at-Hackney church. It is hard to imagine a group better fitted to enter the simultaneously playful and horrifying world of cherry pie, murder and demonic possession that David Lynch and Mark Frost brought to life. 

After the success of these shows and overwhelming support for the project, Xiu Xiu recorded their interpretation of the Twin Peaks soundtrack, resulting in ‘Plays The Music Of Twin Peaks’.

2LP = One red disc and one transparent + MP3!

+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

Xiu Xiu Angel Guts : Red Classroom Artist Xiu Xiu
Title Angel Guts : Red Classroom
Label Bella Union
The impulse that drove artists such as Suicide, Einstürzende Neubauten and Scott Walker to embark on extraordinary and uncompromising journeys, refusing to flinch in the face of humanity’s ugly truths and terrible beauty, also underpins the sound and vision of Xiu Xiu, aka LA- based duo Jamie Stewart and Angela Seo.
‘Angel Guts: Red Classroom’ is the sound of Xiu Xiu’s descent into the deepest blackness endurable.
The LP includes a copy of the album on CD.
+ Format: CD
Price: £10.99

XTC - Black sea Artist XTC
Title Black Sea
Label Virgin
1. Respectable Street
2. Generals And Majors
3. Living Through Another Cuba
4. Love At First Sight
5. Rocket From A Bottle
6. No Language In Our Lungs
7. Towers Of London
8. Paper And Iron (Notes And Coins)
9. Burning With Optimism’s Flames
10. Sgt. Rock (Is Going To Help Me)
11. Travels In Nihilon
12. Smokeless Zone
13. Don’t Lose Your Temper
14. The Somnambulist
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.99

XTC - English Settlement Artist XTC
Title English Settlement
Label Virgin
1. Runaways
2. Ball & Chain
3. Senses Working Overtime
4. Jason & The Argonauts
5. No Thugs In Our House
6. Yacht Dance
7. All Of A Sudden (It’s Too Late)
8. Melt The Guns
9. Leisure
10. It’s Nearly Africa
11. Knuckle Down
12. Fly On The Wall
13. Down In The Cockpit
14. English Roundabout
15. Snowman
+ Format: CD
Price: £8.99

XTC - Go 2 Artist XTC
Title Go 2
Label Virgin
1. Meccanik Dancing (Oh We Go!)
2. Battery Brides (Andy Paints Brian)
3. Buzzcity Talking
4. Crowded Room
5. The Rhythm
6. Red
7. Beatown
8. Life Is Good In The Greenhouse
9. Jumping In Gomorrah
10. My Weapon
11. Super-Tuff
12. I Am The Audience
13. Are You Receiving Me? (Bonus Track - which isn’t listed anywhere on the sleeve)
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.99

XTC - Mummer Artist XTC
Title Mummer
Label Virgin
1. Beating of Hearts
2. Wonderland
3. Love on a Farmboy’s Wages
4. Great Fire
5. Deliver Us from the Elements
6. Human Alchemy
7. Ladybird
8. In Loving Memory of a Name
9. Me and the Wind
10. Funk Pop a Roll
11. Frost Circus
12. Jump
13. Toys
14. Gold
15. Procession Towards Learning Land
16. Desert Island
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.99

Artist XTC
Title Go 2
Label Virgin
1. The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead
2. My Bird Performs
3. Dear Madam Barnum
4. Humble Daisy
5. The Smartest Monkeys
6. The Disappointed
7. Holly Up On Poppy
8. Crocodile
9. Rook
10. Omnibus
11. That Wave
12. Then She Appeared
13. War Dance
14. Wrapped In Grey
15. The Ugly Underneath
16. Bungalow
17. Books Are Burning
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.99

XTC - Oranges and Lemons Artist XTC
Title Oranges and Lemons
Label Virgin
1. Garden Of Earthly Delights
2. Mayor Of Simpleton
3. King For A Day
4. Here Comes President Kill Again
5. The Loving
6. Poor Skeleton Steps Out
7. One Of The Millions
8. Scarecrow People
9. Merely A Man
10. Cynical Days
11. Across This Antheap
12. Hold Me My Daddy
13. Pink Thing
14. Miniature Sun
15. Chalkhills And Children
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.99

XTC - Skylarking Artist XTC
Title Skylarking
Label Virgin
1. Summer’s Cauldron
2. Grass
3. The Meeting Place
4. That’s Really Super Supergirl
5. Ballet For A Rainy Day
6. 1000 Umbrellas
7. Season Cycle
8. Earn Enough For Us
9. Big Day
10. Another Satellite
11. Mermaid Smiled
12. The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
13. Dying
14. Sacrificial Bonfire
15. Dear God
+ Format: CD
Price: £8.99

XTC - The Big Express Artist XTC
Title The Big Express
Label Virgin
1. Wake Up
2. All You Pretty Girls
3. Shake You Donkey Up
4. Seagulls Screaming Kiss Her, Kiss her
5. This World Over
6. The Everyday Story Of Smalltown
7. I Bought Myself A Liarbird
8. Reign Of Blows
9. You’re The Wish You Are I Had
10. I Remember The Sun
11. Train Running Low On Soul Coal
12. Red Brick Dream
13. Wash Away
14. Blue Overall
+ Format: CD
Price: £5.99

XX - XX Artist XX
Title XX
Label XL
The eponymous debut album from South London four piece the XX, draws influence from Young Marble Giants, Cocteau Twins and a hint of electronica and R&B. With these influences, the group craft delicate, melancholic, minimalist pop songs. Tender and seductive, this album is simply delightful. Includes the singles ’Basic Space’ and ’Crystalised’.
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

XX, The - Coexist Artist The XX
Title Coexist
Label XL
Available on the following formats

  • CD
  • Standard LP+MP3
  • Limited LP / Deluxe 180 gram heavyweight vinyl with a CD (CD comes with regular LP too), all inside a die-cut gate fold sleeve plus a 24 page 12" booklet with rainbow mirror board cover
+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

+ Format: LP
Price: £14.99

+ Format: LTD LP
Price: £21.99

XX, The - Fiction Artist The XX
Title Fiction
Label Young Turk
Limited Indies only 7" on Young Turk
Unfortunately, we are unable to offer that item on our site at the moment. Please contact us to enquire about purchasing it offline.

XX, The - I See You Artist The XX
Title I See You [Mercury Music Prize Nominee 2017]
Label Young Turks
I See You marks a new era for the London trio of Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim and Jamie Smith, both sonically and in terms of process. For while xx and Coexist were both made in relative isolation in London, I See You was recorded between March 2014 and August 2016 in New York, Marfa TX, Reykjavik, Los Angeles and London, and is characterised by a more outward-looking, open and expansive approach. Produced by Jamie Smith and Rodaidh McDonald, I See You is The xx at their boldest yet, performing with more clarity and ambition than ever before.


2LP = Deluxe LP + Bonus 12" + CD of the album + CD of the bonus tracks + art prints!

+ Format: CD
Price: £9.99

+ Format: LTD LP
Price: £15.99

+ Format: 2LP
Price: £38.99

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